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Treatment Started : 28/10/13

Before treatment

Sarah before treatment

Brace fitted

Sarah with brace fitted

Month One

"Can't believe the first band change is due already! The first month has been absolutely fine. No real problems what so ever. For the first few day I would say my teeth felt slightly tender but no pain. I got a couple of little sore spots on my cheeks but the wax I got in my kit was brilliant. After a few day that all went away and it's been great ever since. I have bite stops on my back teeth but I have mastered eating with them and can eat most things now (cut everything into small pieces). I avoid anything too chewy and vibrant coloured foods. The thing I have been missing most is my glass of red wine but I think if I drink it through a straw I can avoid staining my bands lol. I can see movement already which is really encouraging and I am so excited to watch the progress."

3rd Band Change

Just finished getting my 3rd band change and all went well. Slightly different this time as I now have power chain put on my top right eye tooth, as we need it to move more than the rest. I can feel the difference already there is definitely more pressure. I also had a bracket fall off, not quite sure what I did, probably ate something just a bit too hard. Gillian replaced it and put a new one on for me. Apart from that I haven't had any other problems and I am very pleased with the progress. I have made the weekend before my band change curry weekend as I know my bands will stain and I only have a day with them like that. So I am not missing anything lol.

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