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They say that you are only as old as you feel. Many of us will feel the same as we did 10, 20 or even 30+ years ago. Wouldn't it be nice if the mirror reflected the same? Non surgical facial treatments can help to reduce wrinkles, restore facial volume and improve overall skin condition giving a relaxed and rejuvenated appearance. We are all unique and individual and one size very much does not fit all. It is important before we begin we fully assess your individual concerns and treatment aspirations. We can then advise on the best treatment course. All treatments are carried out by either Donald or Gillian.

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Treatments Available

Tooth Whitening before treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Tooth Whitening after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Tooth Whitening before/after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK)

Tooth Whitening before and after treatment

Your Questions Answered

Botulinum Toxin (BTX)

Treatment with Botulinum toxin is the most popular non surgical facial treatment provided worldwide.

Excessive contraction and activity of the muscle of facial expression can lead to the formation of wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes (Crows feet). Botulinum toxin (BTX) blocks the release of the substance (acetylcholine) responsible for nerve impulses which cause muscle contraction. By injecting BTX into the affected area the muscles responsible for wrinkling become less active, effectively going into hibernation, giving the face a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. The wrinkles become smoother or may even disappear altogether.

When and how long does BTX work?

Lines before treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Lines after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Lines before/after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK)

Resting Lines before and after treatment

Initial effects can be felt within 48-72 hours with the maximum effect reached in about 1-2 weeks. For some people however it may take up to 20 days. A review appointment will be arranged for 2-3 weeks after treatment.

The effect of treatment generally lasts 3-4months. Re-treatment is then required. If you decide to stop treatment, any permanent lines and wrinkles will gradually return.

Is the treatment safe? What are the potential side effects?

BTX is the most widely used non surgical procedure worldwide and is generally safe. Certain side effects can occur but like the intended treatment effects they are reversible.

The most common side effect is bruising or swelling at the injection site. Other effects can include, slight feeling of nausea, headaches, itching, dry eyes, brief visual disturbances. In a small percentage of cases there may be temporary drooping of the eyebrow or upper eyelid. Although very distressing this is reversible though may take a few weeks to resolve.

What does treatment involve?

After a consultation you will be asked to make various facial movements (frowning, smiling, lifting the eyebrows). This will assess your individual muscle movements and determine where the BTX will be administered. This will be done using very fine needles are under the skin. Some people may be aware of a slight stinging sensation during this process. Photographs will also be taken. These form part of your treatment record will not be shown to anyone without your consent.

Can anyone have treatment?

Crows Feet before treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Crows Feet after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Crows Feet before/after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK)

Crows Feet before and after treatment

No. Certain medical conditions are a contraindication to treatment. These include Myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Easton syndrome and blood coagulation disorders. Drug interactions can occur if BTX is used concomitantly with other medications, especially, amino glycoside antibiotics, anaesthetics and muscle relaxants.

Treatment is also not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Will BTX remove all lines and wrinkles?

Unfortunately not! Deep set wrinkles that have been present for many years will be softened but will not completely disappear. The elasticity and quality of your skin will also determine the achievable result. Remember though that a 100% wrinkle free appearance does not always produce a natural looking result. Complete eradication of movement can lead to a frozen appearance.

When should I begin treatment?

Treatment will reduce the appearance of existing lines however if you do not currently have visible lines treatment will also delay the appearance of these. Many people are now opting to have BTX as a preventive treatment. Remember though that a good skin care regime is also essential to prevent photo-aging effects.

If you wish to enhance your appearance for a special event remember that BTX can take up to 20 days to reach its maximum effect

Will I get more wrinkles if I do not continue with treatment?

The effects of BTX are temporary. As these wear off muscle movement will gradually return to before treatment levels and your existing wrinkles will return.

Is there anything I should avoid after treatment?

Try to avoid touching the area for 3-4 hours and also remain upright for 4 hours. Do not exercise on the day of treatment and the use of crash helmets should also be avoided on treatment day. Sun beds should be avoided for 7 days

Tell me about treatments for excessive underarm sweating

Severe underarm sweating is a medical condition that involves overactive sweat glands. Although clinical strength anti- perspirants are available in some cases these are not strong enough. Clothes can become an issue as the wrong choice of fabric can all too easily reveal excessive sweating. Treatment with BTX can help. Small injections underneath the arm temporarily block the nerves that stimulate sweating. It will not stop all sweating as the body still needs to perspire. The aim of treatment is to bring the individual sweat rate down to normal levels. Most individuals report a dramatic reduction in sweating levels (up to 80%) that lasts on average 4-8 months.

What will happen at my appointment?

The first stage is to ascertain where the excessive sweat is being produced. This is done by performing a starch-iodine test. This involves covering the underarm area with a surgical iodine solution and then dusting the area with starch. This reveals the areas of sweat. Small injections are then placed within these areas. Total treatment time is approximately 30 minutes. It is important that your armpits are shaved and that you refrain from using deodorant/ anti-perspirant for 24 hours prior to your appointment. It is also important to wear suitable clothing for your appointment i.e. a sleeveless top or vest in order to allow unobstructed access to the underarm area. Any sleeved clothing will have to be removed prior to treatment.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are designed to restore volume, soften lines and enhance shape.

One of the main constituents of the skin is hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is responsible for skin hydration. It has an amazing ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight with water which helps it maintain skin smoothness and volume. As we become older the HA in our skin becomes less efficient which leads to loss of volume. Fillers are composed of stabilized HA therefore when we inject these into the skin we are effectively giving our own HA a helping hand, helping it to restore volume and lift the skin to smooth away and soften the appearance of facial lines. It is a non animal product and patch testing is not required.

RESTYLANE has the added advantages of stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity.

Lips before treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Lips after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Lips before/after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK)

Lips before and after treatment

Which areas are most commonly treated?

Fillers are used most commonly to smooth nose to mouth lines and to enhance the lips.

Are the injections painful? How long does it take?

An anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment so that it can be delivered painlessly. Anaesthesia is also given prior to any lip treatment to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

After anaesthesia is achieved treatment generally takes 10-20 minutes.

How long does it take for the treatment work?

Results are instantaneous however there may be initial swelling or redness. Bruising can also occur at the injection site. The treated area may also feel tender or itchy.

What can I do to help my skin recover quickly?

Do not touch the area or apply make up for 6 hours after treatment. If you are able to take them, a non prescription anti-inflammatory analgesic (NSAID) may reduce swelling. A clean cool pack may also be applied to the treated area. Arnica cream or tablets can help minimise bruising. Non prescription analgesics and anti histamines can reduce discomfort and itching. Do not expose the area to intense heat (e.g. sunbathing or solarium) or extreme cold for one week following treatment

Any initial reactions are temporary and resolve within 7-14 days. As with treatment with BTX you should plan carefully the timing of any treatment if you want to look your best for a particular date.

Nose to lip lines before treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Nose to lip lines after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK) Nose to lip lines before/after treatment by Gillian M Lennox BDS MFGDP(UK)

Nose to lip lines before and after treatment

How long do the effects last?

Facial lines generally show improvement for 9-12 months.

Lip enhancement generally lasts for 6 months.

Will my lines be worse if I do not have a repeat treatment?

As with treatment with BTX, you will return to your pre-treatment appearance if you do not have any further treatments. HA is a natural product and will through time be completely broken down by the body

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